Clarkson Waste Water Treatment Plant :  Expansion

Construction of two new concrete primary digesters (33.5 m Dia.) with fixed covers and mechanical draft tube mixing system.  Construction of a new Digester Control Building to house sludge heat exchanger, sludge recirculation and transfer pumps and gas safety equipment.  Construction of a new Boiler complex with three new boilers.  Construction of one new concrete sludge blending tank (12.5 m Dia.).  Construction of a portion of new pipe galley tunnel between sludge digestion facility and future dewatering facility.  Construction of a new waste gas burner platform and installation of two new waste gas burners.  Decommissioning and removal of existing waste gas burners.  Construction of new electrical substation and switch gear room.  New overhead high voltage line to new substation.  New electrical power feed, control and lighting for new digester and boiler complex and other equipment.  New HVAC and building services.  Modifications to existing HVAC and building services.  Modifications to existing SCADA system and a new SCADA system for sludge digestion and boiler complex.  Modifications to existing piping system.  Site works.